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Behind The Brand: The History of Avery Automats

Avery Automats is a leading manufacturer of custom car floor mats that has been providing high-quality products to customers for over three decades. Though, there was a long road leading up to how we became the business we are today. Here's the story of how we became known as Avery Automats!

It all started with Auto Mats' purchasing of MatWorld in 1985, and the company began operation in 1986 under the name Auto Mats & Accessories.

Twenty years later, the acquisition of Consolidated Rug Printers enabled Auto Mats & Accessories to offer the best quality screen printing in the business. Then, the purchase of injection molding equipment four years after made it possible to produce an all weather floor mat line. 

Then, history was made in 2020! In a big move to broaden its product offerings and strengthen its position in the car floor mat market, the company acquired Avery's Floor Mats, a family-owned business based in Laddonia, Missouri. Before the acquisition, Avery's Floor Mats specialized in custom carpeted floor mats. However, with the merger, Avery Automats expanded its range to include felt and all weather floor mats, providing customers with a more extensive selection.

Following the acquisition, Avery's Floor Mats relocated to Dalton, Georgia, where it was integrated with the Auto Mats & Accessories portion of the business, resulting in the newly rebranded Avery Automats. This integration allows for streamlined operations and improved efficiency, ensuring better customer service. In addition to expanding its product line, Avery Automats launched a website showcasing floor mats from both companies, providing a user-friendly experience and a smoother ordering process.

The acquisition of Avery's Floor Mats and the expansion of its product line demonstrate Avery Automats' commitment to providing the finest customizable floor mats for the best value.