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Specialty Mats

More than just Traditional

Avery Auto Mats offers more than just your traditional auto mats for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs. Did you know that we also produce mats for semi-trucks, golf carts, airplanes, RV conversion vans, motorcycles, tractors, and combines as well? We have an extensive inventory of patterns for several models of these vehicles.

Not sure if we offer a pattern to fit your specialty vehicle? Give our Customer Service team a call, our team will assist you with your request. If we don’t offer the pattern, here are a few easy steps to ensure we can make a mat for you.

Airplane mats
Airplane Mats

RV mats
RV Mats

How to Create a Template

  1. Using heavy paper (we recommend brown craft paper, found at Michaels, Hobby Lobby etc.) carefully trace the outline of the floor mats that you would like to have made. Please remember that the floor mats will be made to match your template exactly.
  2. It is very important that you label all floor mats. The following will need to be on each paper pattern.
    • Label which side is UP (Carpet Side) and which side is DOWN (rubber/nibbed side)
    • Label which side the floor mat is for, LEFT (driver side) or RIGHT (passenger side)
    • Label the TOP edge (the edge facing the front of the vehicle) BOTTOM (mat edge closest to seat)
    • If a protective heel pad is desired, please draw a rectangle (approx. 5” tall x 8” wide) where your heel would reside below pedals.
    • If your vehicle has a mat retention post or hook, please mark the grommet location on the top of the floor mat.
    • Please include your Name, Phone Number, Make, Model and Year on at least one of the paper patterns.

Please Note: due to machine restrictions, we must round pattern corners, as we cannot bind sharp corners. Large mats over 50” x 50” please contact customer service to ensure our machines can handle the complexity of your pattern.

There is a small fee of $15 for making mats from your custom template. Although, we have standard pricing for our floor mats, we will need to see your template before we can quote a price for your custom pattern.

Download pattern template instructions

RV mats
RV Mats

Custom Floor Mats

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